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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

DVR Smackdown: TiVo vs. MCE vs. cable

EnGadget report;
TiVo versus MCE versus my cable company

Ed Bott has to be one of the few people out there who actually has a TiVo box, a Media Center PC (actually, he has two), and a cable-company DVR (Peter comes close—he’s got a TiVo and two Media Center PCs). We’re not going to ask why, or how much TV Ed actually watches, because he’s done all of us a huge favor. In response to David Pogue’s recent New York Times column declaring TiVo the king of all DVRs despite its many woes, Ed put together a list of what can and can’t be done with each of these three platforms. His verdict: well, you should read the full post, but let’s just say that Ed’s many years spent writing about Windows may have left him a little more knowledgeable about the platform’s capabilities than the average consumer (but we bet there are some folks in Redmond who wish Bott, and not Pogue, was writing for The New York Times).

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