Digital Nerd

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Intel Developer Forum

Sean Alexander writes about the recent Intel Developers forum:-

  • Joe Belfiore, GM of Windows eHome Group talked about collaboration and importance of partnership on device interoperability. Call to action was to participate in the Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA)Dual-Core processors are going to deliver great new scenarios for home entertainment. Demo'd an Intel-based LRPC with Pentium-D dual core processor and Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 playing back WMV HD video while also processing a 3D game (eg. Doom3), recompressing the video into MPEG-2 and distributing it to another device & TV for play in the home. Not a hiccup in video performance on either system.
  • Disney is getting into the Media Center pool with their MovieBeam service coming to MCE customers. Previously available only as a set-top box in the US, the service uses datacasting to download (cache) movies over-the-air. They plan to offer support for Media Center PCs via a discreet plug & play antenna and demo'd new UI for Media Center. Also noted plans to support High Definition playback in their next version of their platform.
  • Intel showed cool new small form-factors that will support dual-core and noted Dell is first to be shipping a P4 Extreme Dual Core system (giving away 4 at the event).