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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

iTrip Hacking

One of the "must have" accessories for any iPod owner is the iTrip. It allows you to listen to your iPod on your car stereo (or any stereo for that matter) by using an emtpy frequency in the FM band.

One problem that the iTrip has always had is range. Usually once you get it 1-2 feet away from the antenna, you start to lose the clarity and quality of your signal.

Here is a simple "how-to" that shows you how to open up the iTrip and expose the antenna, increasing the strength of the signal and the distance from the antenna you can use it effectively.

Basically, using an exacto or small flat-head screwdriver, pry open the case, cut a notch in the top of it, and run the copper-wire antenna through that, then seal the case back up. Now the antenna is outside of the plastic case, which increases the range.

The Link goes to a photogallery of the process.

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