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Monday, March 14, 2005

The JVC Everio MC-500

As rightly pointed out.... I failed to give kudos to for this article - my apologies.

The size is a big shocker when you first see it. Its nice slick design makes it a jewel to carry. One concern is the movement of your hand while filming. It is a slight problem but stabilizers keep it down to a minimum. Having such a small video or still camera, movement is always an issue. Your hands might seem still yet the higher the megapixels the more you see it. Either way the swival lense and easy to use hand controls makes it a must have. Information and articles below.

The JVC Everio MC-500 is supposedly offering a 5MP resolution through pixel shifting technology. The new Everio is pretty much the same size as the JVC GZ-MC200 (GZ-MC200 measurements: 74.0 x 56.0 x 94 mm) making the GZ-MC500 the world's smallest 3CCD Camcorder. The new Everio is of course also storing MPEG2 video onto a 4GB internal hard drive. JVC says that 6 and 8GB micro drives will be available in 2005. A 10x optical zoom lens and a flip open flash are featured in the new all black GZ-MC500.

The new JVC Everio GZ-MC500 should be available already in March for about 1500 Euros. JVC will show the new Everio at the Cebit 2005. JVC seems to be really on a roll here with their Everio . No other camcorder company is currently offering anything like it." [via I4Unews]


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