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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

One of my articles (Alternative to extenders) recently created somewhat unhealthy debate over on The Green Button. Whilst I do not frequent (as a contributor) these types of forums I was disappointed in my personal setup being "attacked" and therefore thought it right to respond. In the future if I post articles about the technology I use and how I integrate my Media Center in to this technology on my blog, and you decide to negatively comment on this - don't expect a rise from me!

I believe that is NO "right way", the technology is moving so fast that the setup you have today can completely change based on new technology delivered tomorrow. The key to future proofing (unless you are a millionaire) is to build flexibility in the systems you design. It is all about augmentation and the ability to augment your system with the market forces and technology shift.


Blogger Thomas Hawk said...

Wesley, keep up the blogging and do keep up posting in the Green Button though. Believe me I've taken my own fair share of abuse over there for my love of HDTV at the expense of all else.

Keep a good sense of humor about it, use sarcasm and mock them right back. In the end the forum is a good resource and we'll all benefit from your posting there.

If you want to see one of the best all time TGB attack jobs check out:

Seriously, it's hilarious.

Keep a thick skin and don't let the fact that others criticize you get you down.

12:10 AM  

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