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Thursday, March 03, 2005

Pocket Video Recorder

Well, Archos has finally hit the 100GB level, which means you can watch TV and Movies until your eyes melt out of your head. We had one of these, and aside from clunky UI, they couldn’t make it any harder to get content on the hard drive. Come out with some software to put DVDs and TV on there with ease and I will buy truck loads of them.
Record up to 400 hours* of TV programs and video content from a TV, VCR or cable / satellite receiver using the TV cradle
Program recordings using the Recording Scheduler, which directly controls the VCR or set-top box tuner
Store and watch between up to 200* full-length movies
Enjoy up to 4 ½ hours of video playback on the color LCD while on the go
Download / transfer / record between up to 1500* hours of music
Store and view up to one million* JPEG photos
Play MP3, WMA (including protected files) and WAV music files
Listen to and record off the radio (with optional FM Radio & Remote Control)
Download and store files from a PC
Check it


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