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Monday, March 21, 2005

Portable Media Center

Gizmodo reports;
Infosync has details of an as-yet-unreleased Portable Media Center device from LG, that looks a lot like the DVX-POD 7010, except that it's an actual Windows-branded unit. The first generation of PMC devices were crippled, in my experience, by their need to transcode every type of file into Windows Media versions before copying it to the unit. That made for needlessly long transfer times and really killed the devices usefulness for anyone not totally on board with Windows' codecs. J0rgen lists all sorts of file formats on the LG PM70, though, so if it can really play OGG Vorbis and Xvid natively, they might have a winner (this is presuming the market for portable video players won't be steamrolled by the PSP).

Preview: LG PM70 [InfoSync]


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