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Thursday, March 03, 2005

Sprint phone

With everything but a camera, this new Sprint phone is a possible replacement for the Treo. The specs for this model are very impressive. The phone includes a fast 400-MHz Intel XScale CPU, a whopping 128MB of RAM, and cool slide out keyboard. The phone itself looks like a PDA and a rather bulky one at that. Most PDA and phone mixes have been around that size. Weight is a little heavier than a PDA but nothing to worry about. One main different when first looking at this model compared to others is the amazing bright 3.7inch display screen. Sliding the base out to reveal the lit up hidden keyboard, lets you use the typing mode in the dark. Right now with Sprint's high speed data network a speed of 120Kbps can be reached. So if your pocket can fit it after you take the cash out to pay for it, this would be a good buy.


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