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Thursday, April 28, 2005

The death of the digital camera and iPod - maybe??

Nokia Corp. announced Wednesday it will use high-quality Carl Zeiss optics for the cameras in its mobile phones, expecting to sell more than 100 million camera phones this year.

Are we going to see the death of the digital camera and Ipod (and the like) music players? Seriously, why would you need to carry 3 devices when one will do the trick. We already see phones with GB's of storage so that's not a problem, we now have Nokia putting high quality lenses in their phones!

Storage + Music playing + High quality Lens + Mega Pixels + Small = 1 device for everything. Look back a year or 2 (well not quite... you still see it today) ppl turning up for meetings with their phone, their iPaq and sometimes a laptop!!! Now those ppl have added an Ipod to their long list of devices they need to manage and remember to charge.

The death of the PDA happened a year or 2 ago; it surely must follow that as the convergence of these technologies closes in the others will go too!

Now I think the only thing left to do is somehow incorporate an espresso machine into all of this and our whole social fabric will crumble as we know it - watch out for scolding your ear though :)


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