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Thursday, April 21, 2005

My first ever failed Media Center Experience!

OK... some of the guys over on the green button with be saying the proverbial "I told you so"! So I have not posted this story there yet :)

On the weekend I decided to install a new TV tuner card in my MCE PC. Performed the usual routine of shutting down, remove the power etc etc. I installed the card a Compro VideoMate DVB-T300 - a small form factor card which strangely did not come with a small form factor fitting plate or whatever they call those metal plates with the holes cut out for cables. So I had to cut this down to fit in the PC! First mistake - can't return it now!

Anyway XP detected it and let me install the latest drivers from the Compro site. All going well... started Media Center and no problems evident. Went to set the tuner up and after 4 hours of scanning for services came up with nothing! Strangeā€¦ I know the signal is very good, I run it through my Clipsal Starserve system for whole house video and there are no problems elsewhere with the digital signal I receive.

So I installed Compro's PVR software and that went fine except for taking over the audio of MCE so no audio from the PC :( it was good. I scanned for channels and found 28 in 10 minutes - what the!

Tried MCE again and nothing! Then I thought well I will try another option so removed Compro PVR software, removed the TV tuner drivers and cleaned up. I then installed Media Portal a good copy of the MCE environment. Installed the TV tuner drivers and then scanned for channels - found 28 in 12 mins again - what the!

I then removed all this software and hardware and cleaned the PC to start again. I ran an app to reset MCE and clean some of the reg files. Installed the card and drivers and performed a scan - Nothing!

I can now see some of the frustrations other ppl suffer but still can not see why this occurs. Other applications (and that's really all MCE is an app) can detect the device and work very well.

I can see a rebuild coming up which is disappointing but I have to get the card to work as it is now a battle between MCE and Me and I am not going to lose!



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