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Friday, April 01, 2005

Update to recent post on alternatives Media Center Extenders

Tophat wrote; "It would be beneficial if you were to let people know how much your starserve setup cost. I am figuring that it was in the vicinity of $6000. In my opinion it is extortionary priced for the lack of REAL smarts that it incorporates.
How much did it cost?
Had you considered the Hills product? "

Well the cost...tricky given it is a sore point with the other half and she reads my blog as well :)

A bit of history, I was going to install C-Bus but right at the last minute got news that the wireless version was coming out of Dev and in to Prod so thought I would wait for wireless C-Bus as the changing over switches etc is simple.

However... I did have a system integrator do the install work Automation Dynamics and they were great. All up for the following it was $4200 AUD.

6 TV points (including all cabling
11 Data points (including all CAT5 cabling)
24 port harmonica
Starserve Pro enclosure
Digital aerial
Video Hub
Wiring of 6.1 speaker system for theatre
Flush mounted ceiling speakers in living area
Outdoor speakers
Security camera
All wall terminations for speakers and sub etc
2 x Audio controls for the internal ceiling speakers and outdoor speakers

I agree it does not have the REAL smarts of C-Bus but these are 2 completely separate technologies and I decided to deal with them separately. I did consider Hill's but there lack of support and product availability scared me off :)

Anybody who wants's to chat about this a bit more, drop me an email and we can discuss further offline and maybe even show you some pics of the setup.


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