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Thursday, April 28, 2005

XBox 360 To Be Backward Compatible

More evidence is mounting that the XBox 360 will be backward compatible. The Inquirer reports:

A QUESTIONNAIRE being taken online by Xbox Live users appears to give the final confirmation that Xbox 360 will be backwards compatible - at least, if you buy it with the optional hard drive. The questionnaire deals with Xbox Live and says subscribers through the original Xbox will be able to play against gamers on Xbox 2 -- as long as they are playing a current generation Xbox game.

"Xbox Live is an online gaming service that works across both the current Xbox system and the future Xbox 2. You will be able to play online and compete against others across both consoles. If you are playing an Xbox game on Live you will be able to compete against people playing that same game on Xbox 2".

So XBox games will run on "XBox 2".

The hard drive comes in because the original Xbox had one and the games are written to use one.

It is unlikely that Xbox games running on the Xbox 360 will look any better, although it's possible that they could be anti-aliased using spare graphics power.


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