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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

ARENA - A Radical New Home Theatre System from Tannoy


Arena is a radical new home theatre system from Tannoy. Blending form and function, this beautifully crafted audio system offers much more than gorgeous styling. Exceptional acoustic performance combines with application flexibility to deliver a system that defines the category.

The satellite speakers feature a technology breakthrough from Tannoy. They bring together the company’s renowned WideBand™ expertise into a brand new miniature (5”) version of their world famous point source Dual Concentric™ drive unit. Arena’s powerful 300 Watt active subwoofer delivers tremendously controlled low frequency acoustics and integrates impeccably to deliver an outstanding home theatre performance.

Versatile mounting platforms with carefully designed cable management enable complete integration with the surroundings in the way that you choose.

Arena is offered in a choice of magnificent high gloss finish bronze, silver, white or black.

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