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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Groundbreaking Xbox alliance.

Microsoft Reports:
REDMOND, Wash. -- May 10, 2005 -- Microsoft Corp. and EB Games today unveiled a new alliance that brings the Xbox Live (TM) experience to gamers across the U.S. in an exciting and innovative new way. The first program of its kind for Xbox Live, "EB Games goes Xbox Live" by Microsoft and EB Games delivers custom-made Xbox Live game kiosks in 25 EB Games locations across the U.S., enabling gamers to experience and test-drive Xbox Live for the first time in designated retail outlets.

Through the power of broadband, the Xbox Live kiosks showcase the broad-appeal entertainment experiences offered exclusively from the world's only unified online console games service. Gamers can now walk into any of the participating EB Games stores, pick up the controller, and instantly connect and compete with a rapidly growing global community of subscribers around the world.

"This is a groundbreaking alliance to help provide top-notch, hands-on online gaming experiences in EB stores nationwide, and we are thrilled to offer the opportunity for anyone to experience the power of Xbox Live," said Debbie Mola, vice president of merchandising for EB Games. "Xbox Live has revolutionized the online video game entertainment experience, and we're confident the kiosks will be a very popular attraction in our retail stores."

Each retail kiosk has been installed with an active Xbox Live account and gamertag so all 25 stores will appear on each kiosk's friends list. Gamers using any of the participating EB Games location kiosks will be able to compete against gamers playing at any of the other EB Games locations across the nation using each store's unique gamertag. The first featured title will be Microsoft Game Studios' much-anticipated title "Forza Motorsport (TM) ," which is rated E for Everyone.

"With the current success and continued momentum of Xbox Live, this groundbreaking alliance with EB Games is key in offering hands-on trials for new gamers," said Ami Blaire, global marketing director for Xbox Live at Microsoft. "This program also offers a great opportunity for players to engage in unique Xbox Live features for new game releases, and will no doubt continue to fuel the excitement behind this incredible service."

More information about the Xbox Live retail kiosk program can be found at


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