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Thursday, May 26, 2005

Omniblue wireless devices

2 cool new products from Omniblue is the Bluetooth voice to go and the Bluetooth MP3 player.

The Bluetooth Voice2Go is a A plug-and-play device to enrich Bluetooth Headset's wireless communications to Skpye calls and MSN / Yahoo Messengers on the internet. Just plug into PC or Laptop with this Feature-Added device, to bring you a more flexible wireless world! To go with Bluetooth Voice2Go, your Bluetooth Headset not only a personalized wireless communications but also a feature to enable Skype calls, MSN/Yahoo Messengers and listening to music through PC or Notebook.

Product Features and Benefits
* To enable wireless communications on Skpye calls and MSN / Yahoo Messengers
* Enrich Bluetooth Headset experience
* Compatible with Bluetooth Headset
* Easy-To-Use & Fast Connection
* Affordable solution for Bluetooth Feature-Added applications
* Extending Audio Connection to CD/MP3 Players
* Stylish & Compact Design

The Bluetooth Music2go is a music transmitter, lead wireless stereo audio into your life wherever you are on traveling, taking outdoors activities with Cell Phone, PDA, CD/MP3 player, staying at home on the Desktop PC, Laptop or watching VCD/DVD.

Quick and easy installation - simply connect this portable kit to the standard earphone 2.5mm plug, to enrich your Bluetooth Stereo Headset.

Product Features & Benefits

* Zero effort installation
* Compliance with Bluetooth V1.2
* Battery Operation
* Compatible with Bluetooth Stereo Headset
* Work Simply and Effectively
* High Quality Stereo Audio
* Handy and Modish Design * CE/FCC/BQB Qualified
* Bluetooth Profiles including A2DP Source, GAP and GAVDP

More details about these products and more can be found here.


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