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Thursday, May 05, 2005

One Remote to Rule Them All!

The New York Times reports: With its 3.5-inch color touch screen, the NevoSL might be mistaken for a media player or a hand-held video game. But it is a wireless remote control that its maker, Universal Electronics, says is truly universal.

The Nevo has access to an updatable database of more than 200,000 infrared codes for some 2,400 brands and 175,000 models of consumer electronic products, and can speak to practically any remote-controlled device. It can also communicate using the Wi-Fi wireless standard, connecting with a home network to control anything from a computer to automated systems for lighting, heat and air-conditioning.

The NevoSL ($800) comes with software tools and a charging cradle. With the addition of some NevoLinks, for $200 each, the Nevo's reach can be extended wirelessly to any room in a house, its makers said. More information is at

While the Nevo has physical buttons and programmable keys for common uses like volume control, it also uses a touch screen to display virtual buttons, which can be custom-configured using a Windows-based computer. A recent demonstration showed a programming sequence that created a single button for a child to push to turn on the home theater system - and have access only to the television stations that parents deemed suitable.


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