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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

VOIP Speaker Phone

VR is specifically designed to address the needs from the fast-growing VoIP users who desire high-quality communication quality. Most of the prevailing PC's and mobile devices suffer from echo problems and poor voice quality when in broadcasting mode, especially when using VoIP software like Skype. Now, coupled with VR, ordinary PC and NB are now a complete communication solution with high-quality speakerphone and built-in microphone, which allows multi-user conference with echo-free voice quality.

VR is a Microphone
Coupled with headphone or speaker, VR is now a one-way communication solution with built-in microphone, which allows private conversation / multi-user conference.

VR is a Speaker
Coupled with MP3 player or cell phone, VR is now a hands-free communication solution with 1 channel speaker, which allows multi-user conference via cell phone.

Echo Free Quality
VR possesses advanced digital communication circuit to provide functions such as echo cancellation and background noise filtering. Its unique mechanical structure provides users with high quality of reproducing the original sound or voice. These features provide Internet voice communication users with crystal-clear sound.

Ease of Operation
VR is designed to be fully functional by simply plugging itself into USB port. No driver or other hardware is needed. It allows user to have precise control of meeting time. While the voice goes through VR, the device flashes its LED to reflect the volume and provide users a vivid communication interaction.

Convenient Muting
A mute button sits on top of the VR provides users a convenient way to temporarily mute out the conversation during confidential discussion.

Stylish Outlook
VR’s outlook is specifically engineered to be both portable and durable, without sacrificing audio performance. The mini-form-factor also made it ideal for mobile users

Flexible Connectivity
Designed to turn cellular into public discussion or VoIP operation into head-set-plugged private mode.

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