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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Wearable TV update

SOme more details from the supplier:

Designed to ensure you need never miss any of your favourite telly programmes or sports matches ever again the compact watch features an integrated analogue TV tuner that can access all five UK terrestrial channels.

It is perfect for the traveller too as the VTV-201 is compatible with the TV systems in most European countries and even comes with a plug adaptor for its recharging cradle which means it can work anywhere in Europe plus Hong Kong and Singapore.

There’s no nasty large protruding external aerial on the VTV-201 either as it is in fact neatly integrated into the unit's accompanying earphones.

It is easy to tune the channels in thanks to its PLL system which can tune automatically or manually for those who prefer to take control of the tuning function. And with a clear 1.5” TFT colour liquid crystal screen the quality of the images on its screen are far superior to what you’d expect given the watch’s size. In fact you need never miss a goal again! Sound quality is also excellent with users able to listen to programmes via the watch's accompanying headset.

The on board Lithium Polymer rechargeable battery delivers an hours worth of viewing after which it can be refreshed in the VTV 201’s recharging cradle. A separate battery can be added to the watch which delivers a further three hours of viewing.

The watch also comes with a wristband, a case to keep it safe and a neck strap for easy wearing.

When you are not watching TV the VTV 201 moonlights as a standard watch giving you the time and the date. It also displays the channel and volume level.

It’s simple to use; a portable TV that you wear as a watch. Simply plug and play and watch and listen to your favourite channels. So portable that if you’re in the office, garden or simply at home you can always watch your unmissable TV programmes.

VTV 201 Key features:

* Analogue TV tuner (BBC1, BBC2, ITV, Channel Four, Channel Five)
* PLL tuning
* Volume control
* Headset
* Rechargeable battery (lasts for an hour of viewing)
* Recharging cradle
* Time and date info
* Case, wristband and neckstrap


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