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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Xbox 360 will be backward compatible with some games - Phew!

Microsoft announced that over 160 Xbox 360 games are in active development from a variety of leading developers, including Electronic Arts (EA), Activision, and Ubisoft. Most notably, Square Enix, a Japan-based software development house that ignored the first generation Xbox, has signed on board for Xbox 360 and will release "FINAL FANTASY XI" for Xbox 360 and Xbox Live, and work on future Xbox 360 titles with Microsoft.

Industry giant EA reported that it will support Xbox 360 with the widest title release it has ever shipped for a new console. The company has promised games such as "Madden NFL 06," "Need for Speed Most Wanted," "FIFA 06," "Tiger Woods PGA Tour 06," "The Godfather The Game" and "NBA Live 06" for the Xbox 360 launch in November.

As for backwards compatibility, Microsoft is hedging its bets. Currently, the company is only promising that Xbox 360 will be compatible "top-selling" Xbox games, and not the entire catalog of first generation games. The problem, apparently, is that Xbox 360 runs on a completely different hardware platform than the original Xbox, and Microsoft will have to custom-create software fixes, or shims, that will let Xbox titles run normally on the new system. Continue At Source


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