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Thursday, May 26, 2005

Zensonic Z500 review

While I was at CeBIT, I had the opportunity for a lengthy conversation with Raaj Menon, Director of PC Range and Zensonic - He really is a very nice guy and very knowledeable about the market in which he operates.

We talked about the upcoming Z500 and he ran it through it's paces for me. The first thing that struck me about Raaj is that he is very proud about this product, and so he should be - it has a number of world firsts including a backlit remote with mouse toggle button for zooming etc. The remote itself is very well designed and not at all cheap feeling like a lot of remotes - the remote for the Z500 was NOT an after thought and this is impressive!
The player also has SMB file share access which is another world first.

The menu system was very intuitive (including multi language) and although this was a prototype there was still a lot of functionality enabled and still more to come. The picture quality was excellent as was the sound. The ability to do firmware updates to cope with new codecs etc is a feature I like a lot. The styling of the unit is very much in keeping with the DVD look and I hope they have a black option available as well - colour coordination is important to some people :)

The Z500 is a very exciting well thought out product that will be snapped up when it hits the streets sometime in the second half of this year - so keep your eyes out for it. Raaj tell me that the retail arm at the moment is Strathfield's and and estimates street price of AUD$569.00

More details here.


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