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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Cinema Glasses and MPEC Multimedia Player

Via Gadget Madness:


Mobile Personal Entertainment Centre (MPEC for short) is an entertainment headset that consists of MPEC Cinema Glasses and an MPEC Multimedia Player. The MPEC Cinema glasses project a virtual screen of 30" - connect the MPEC Glasses to the MPEC Player and you can watch your favourite movies and view JPG images. The MPEC player takes SD memory for playing MP3s, photos and video files.

This item was announced last week, and having previously owned the Virtual IO Headset and a Sony Glasstron, I had to throw my two cents in. By looking at the picture those glasses will be hard to wear over long periods of time. Unless there is some type of padding around the bridge of the nose on these things or they are lighter than a feather, wearing them for more than 30 minutes is going to be murder on your nose. I've played Resident Evil 4 on my Sony Glasstron set for about 6 hours, and the bruise they left on the bridge of my nose didn't heal for weeks (hurt like I'd been sucker punched by a Plaga!) Sony fixed this problem by adding a forehead brace to later models of the Glasstron. Also, I see an AV out cable to connect the MPEC the player to a TV, but what about connecting a video signal other than the MPEC player to the headset? Anyone else have any experience with the MPEC or other headset video devices?


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