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Thursday, June 02, 2005

Cybersquatters target blogs

Cnet news reports:

For years, cybersquatters and typosquatters have preyed on highly trafficked Web sites such as Google, Yahoo and AOL.

Now they are turning their sights on a new group: bloggers. Examples abound: Misspell and you are directed to a porn site. Type or and you are directed to sites with keyword link ads.

"It seems like a natural progression and maybe an indicator that blogs really are capturing some sizable audiences," said Matt Haughey, creator of, a blogging site for fans of TiVo, Replay and other DVRs.

Haughey added: "People aren't naturally gravitating towards just a few major sites anymore, and besides, those few major sites have prominent legal teams. So you go to the blogs, small operators with millions of visitors and try to collect the mistakes and turn them into cash somehow."

I know that if you type in (the ps are around the wriong the way) instead of you go to some religious site!


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