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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

How to disable a Media Center add-in

Via Michael Creasey:

Jason over at Digital Media Thoughts sent me an email about his new article on The Powers and Perils of a Platform. Jason talks about the trouble he had when a Media Center "plugin" went bad and couldn't be uninstalled. It's not clear if it was an HTML application or a managed code add-in, but based on the description I'm assuming it's the latter. He ran into problems when trying to manually uninstall the application so I thought I should post something on what to do when an add-in goes bad...
In Media Center 2005 add-ins can do pretty much what they want to do without restriction, if one starts to misbehave the best thing you can do is to disable it:
Start Media Center
Click on Settings
Click on General
Click More Programs Options
Click Edit More Programs
Deslect the app to disable and click Save

This will disable the app from starting and hide anything entrypoint it's registered throughout Media Center. It won't uninstall the app, but it will prevent it from running.


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