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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

NetZoom AV network design tool

NetZoomAV is the leading add-in solution for professionals designing and diagramming Audio, Video, and Residential Networks using popular diagramming applications such as Microsoft Visio, PowerPoint, Adobe Illustrator, CorelDRAW, Corel iGrafx, SmartDraw, TurboCAD and AutoCAD.

NetZoomAV uses the proven and popular NetZoom technology already in use by networking professionals worldwide to offer a new solution to users in the Audio, Video, Residential Networking, Security, Lighting, and Home Automation Industries. These solutions are composed of replica equipment shapes that contain equipment properties and vector graphics for popular hardware products from hundreds of manufacturers.

NetZoomAV is easy-to-use and is the least expensive solution for creating professional documentation, presentations, and proposals. The entire shape library is made available to customers during a 12-month subscription that gives access to all shape updates during that time, and allows requests for additional equipment shapes for no cost. In addition, annual renewal prices are discounted for repeat customers.

To experience NetZoomAV you may download a complimentary sample stencil or trial version of NetZoomAV. if you would like more information about our other Networking products click here.


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