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Monday, June 13, 2005

New Seagate HDDs: 8GB 1inch Drive, 500 GB DVR Drive

Via I4U:
Seagate announced a couple of new innovative hard drives, including the ST1 a 8GB 1inch drive for portable devices. Seagate's ST1 1inch HDD series (see photo) features Seagate's RunOn Technology, which ensures consistent music playback while in a high-motion environment, such as jogging - the drive actually senses and compensates for motion to stay on track. The 8GB ST1 is shipping now to OEMs. Will be interesting who will be first to release 8GB mini mp3 players. Seagate announced it will ship the industry's highest capacity - 500GB - in a hard drive designed specifically for DVR (digital video recorder) and home entertainment systems. The Seagate DB35 Series hard drive will offer up to 85 hours of High-Definition TV recording, 500 hours of standard TV recording, and up to 10 simultaneous standard TV streams with Seagate's DynaPlay technology.



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