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Thursday, June 16, 2005

Operate a Windows PC, wirelessly with your phone!

Jeyo Remote supports latest Microsoft Windows operating systems and many popular Windows applications right out of the box. As a result, you can start enjoying it as soon as you “unwrap” (i.e., install) the software. Jeyo Remote has been pre-configured to work with Windows OS and applications that include:

Internet Explorer
My Documents
Real Player
Start menu
Windows Media Player

Integrate With Playlists Jeyo Remote goes beyond the traditional one-way remote for iTunes, Windows Media Player and WinAMP. For those applications, it allows you to interact with them through playlists you already have created. It not only shows you the current playlist on your mobile phone screen but also lets you jump to any song in the playlist by simply clicking on the song name from your phone. With this two-way interactivity, there is no guessing required.

Personalize RemoteJeyo Remote comes with a default menu and a set of built-in commands. You can easily customize any of them to better suit your needs however. Move menu items around. Add new sub-menu items. Modify a command. Experiment… don’t stop until you are content.

Add Remote CommandsYou can create new remote commands via either scripts or Win Control key mappings. Jeyo Remote support JScript and VBScript languages for writing scripts. In addition, you can build powerful interactive commands by combining scripts and Jeyo Remote’s automation object model.

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