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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Sony Ericsson Bluetooth Motion Cam ROB-1

If you see some bright lights at about the height of your ankle, you'd better watch out. It could be Sony Ericsson's latest invention wheeling around the corner. Moving forwards - and backwards - on three wheels, the ROB-1 is steered wirelessly from a Bluetooth mobile phone.


And be sure to give ROB-1 a smile. One of your friends is probably around the corner, maneuvering the round-shaped camera in your direction. The VGA camera at the front streams video to the phone that is steering it, so wave to your friend via ROB-1 and pose when your picture is taken. We bet you didn't know Bluetooth wireless technology could be this much fun.

Please note: Rob-1 is compatible with any phone that has a Java platform with Bluetooth API JSR-82 but video streaming functionality is only available with the Sony Ericsson P900, P910.

Technical Specs

General overview
- Weight: 1 kg/2,2 pounds
- Diameter: 110 mm
- Runs forwards & backwards, turns "on the spot"
- Maximum speed: 0.2 m/sec.

- Processor: 200 MHz, ARM-9, Dragonball
- User memory size: 2MB
- High intensity LEDs: four LEDs à 1000 mcd

- Operating system: Linux OS

- Sony Ericsson Bluetooth Symbian phones P900 and P910
- Any phone that has a Java platform with Bluetooth API JSR-82
- Most Sony Ericsson Bluetooth phones, but without video streaming functionality

- Camera resolution: VGA
- Camera tilts 70° upwards and 20º downwards

- File transfer of still pictures: via Bluetooth or USB (incl. upload of the pre-stored controlling application to the phone).
- Supports: Bluetooth profiles Object Push (OPP) and File Transfer (FTP)


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