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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Speaker Floats

Speaker Floats(tm) Speaker Isolators

You get your sound,
neighbors get their quiet!

Eliminate sound intrusion from your stereo, TV, or home theater into neighbors' rooms!
Speaker Float being installed. Eliminate the booms and thumps that disturb others elsewhere!
Clean up and tighten your bottom end!
Add focus and clarity to your sound field!
Eliminate buzzes and rattles in your listening room!
Isolate turntables and CD players to stop skipping!
Isolate sensitive tube amps to stop microphonics!
Noise pollution and complaints are gone!
Install in moments! No tools required! No glue required!
Easy, effective, and inexpensive!
The same patented polymer used by N.A.S.A.!
You can become the Perfect Neighbor!

More info here.


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