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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Swap DVD's online for a buck!

Wired explains how this works:
A Netflix-like system for trading your unwanted DVDs with others through the mail sounds like a cool idea. But in practice, you wind up with a stack of old discs that no one will take off your hands. That's been my experience with Peerflix, an online movie-swapping service that applies the principles of peer-to-peer file-sharing to physical DVDs.

The idea is simple: You sign up at the website, list the DVDs you own and DVDs you want. When another Peerflix member requests your movie, an automated e-mail alerts you and you send the person the film through the mail. Likewise, when you request a movie, another member is alerted, and you should have it in your hands days later. You pay $1 (plus postage) for every exchange. Unlike the online DVD rental service Netflix, there's no central DVD warehouse -- the movies come directly from other film fans. Peerflix has more than 30,000 DVDs in circulation, up from about 5,000 in February, according to the company.


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