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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Virtual Reality Chair

Experience the Ultimate of video gaming action in your own home, with genuine interactive motion for the PC and Game Consoles. The R&R Virtual Reality Chair moves you and your monitor up to 55 degress of rock and roll for the hottest gaming experience available today! Action flying and driving games will never be the same as you twist and turn through the game with unbelievable realism. Take a seat in a R&R Virtual Reality Chair and fly into the future of home video gaming, the feeling is OUT OF THIS WORLD !!!

Realistic action is provided by following the joystick motion, when you move the joystick the R&R moves in that direction and when the joystick centers, the R&R centers. The R&R also has the ability to accept serial data, allowing a computer to send positioning commands, creating a totally interactive response!

The R&R Virtual Reality Chair is powered by compressed air that is supplied by a small air compressor that is typically used for air brush paint guns. The R&R uses your monitor (Up to 35 lbs., or more if you counter balance the weight) and a PC compatible joystick.

More info and lots of other VR gadgets here.


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