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Thursday, July 21, 2005

Acclairism - Converting your bio-data into financial and social status

Idea/problem/context Biometric technologies are advancing and becoming socially acceptable in the wake of recent terrorist events. This process raises fundamental questions about what defines us as trusted members of society or trusted citizens of a state. Acclairism creates a "social fiction" to explore a situation wherein people willingly accept a highly invasive, highly authoritative manipulation in return for tangible rewards and social status.

What it is Acclair is a fictional company providing brain-testing services as part of an accelerated security clearance for air-travelers with its use of Brain Fingerprinting technology (BFP). Acclair uses its members' brain output (ostensibly measured with EEG) in conjunction with data aggregation processes to profile a person not only for security purposes, but also as a Neuromarketing tool that provides market research value for its corporate clients.

How it works Before departure, the Acclair member goes through a one-minute brain test in a comfortable and relaxing environment. His brain output is used for security clearance, and then sold to marketing entities interested in his consumerist personality ("Capitality"). According to his brain's market value, the Acclair member is rewarded with Capitality credit points that enable meaningful capital benefits and "Amnesty" credit points that provide legal pardons for applicable past offenses.

Value/Potential We created a fictional company (Acclair) and identified a hypothetical social phenomenon (Acclairism) in order to highlight a developing reality in which biometric measurements influence financial and social status, determine degrees of personal freedom and translate personality propensities into data-driven value. The aim of the project is to get people to reflect on the core question: to what degree will people exchange liberty for convenience, and how far is it possible to hide this choice by wrapping it in a "user-friendly" environment and a desirable reward system.


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