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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Beyond TV 3.7 Released

From the Beyond Tv blog....

We released Beyond TV 3.7 earlier this week, so Rakesh asked me to say a little about what’s inside the box.

Release notes:

The biggest splash item in Beyond TV 3.7 is the new support for Plextor’s TV402U/MV402U and support for integrated audio in ATI’s newer boards/drivers. First, to speak to the Plextor boards, they may not be the smallest USB boards out there, but they make up for the extra size with a sleek form factor. And, they have onboard hardware encoding to DivX which Beyond TV 3.7 not only supports but also timeshifts (even live TV). Trust me, that was a lot of work, but the result is very cool. ATI seems to be going the route of integrated audio on their new AIW boards and drivers. Beyond TV 3.7 now fully supports these new AIW products. I checked out the X600 on one of our PCI Express machines with Beyond TV 3.7 and was very impressed with the picture quality.

As a development team, we’ve also doubled our efforts to respond to the main issues pointed out by you guys. If you have ever uninstalled Beyond TV, you probably noticed the uninstall survey and thought “Nobody is going to read this.” Well, we have spent several hours reading them and identified the top issues that people were complaining about. I also spent some time talking to Tucker, everybody’s favorite tech support guy, and found out the top issues on his mind.

If you check out the release notes, you’ll see several fixes that directly address your forum posts, tech support inquiries, and feedback from our surveys. Some good examples are the ability to test Link trial with a Beyond TV Trial, the ability to easily change your default folder for recordings, and not showing hidden channels on guide search results. There are tons of other minor bug fixes that we didn’t even list on the release notes. I guess, some of the best things in Beyond TV 3.7 will never show up on a marketing flier, but hopefully, you guys will notice. So thanks for all of the input! We’re listening.


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