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Thursday, July 21, 2005

The Egg

Cool story from Geekblue:

The Egg is a project that looks at the short-term negotiations of time between events. By using a physical device, users have an ambient notification of when their next event is. It allows them to communicate to people in their next meeting when they are about to be late. It's the bridge between the now, and the very very soon.

The Egg receives a person's calendar information over a shared network and displays the time remaining to the next meeting in the form of levels of light. When the light in the Egg is emptied, it is time for the next meeting.

When a person needs more time (because they are running late, stuck in traffic or just want to stop and get a coffee) the person would shake their egg and tip it upside down, much like an hour glass. The egg would slowly fill with light, until the person tips it the right way up again. The amount of light represents how much time they need to get to their next event. [the egg home page]


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