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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

New Gyration GO 2.4 GHz Professional “AIR MOUSE”

Comfort, Freedom and Flexibility
You can have it all with the GO 2.4 GHz Wireless Optical Mouse! Sit back and enjoy wireless freedom. This multipurpose mouse offers the ultimate in flexibility – the optical sensor allows you to use it on your desktop; the gyroscopic technology allows you to use it in the air. What a perfect combination for everyday computing, presentations, gaming, surfing the net and more!

Customization and Control
GyroTools™ Media Controls Software for Windows® (included) provides over 50 dynamic Internet, Media, Input, Windows and General tools for fingertip controls, easy access and customization to your liking. Imagine with the flick of the wrist or push of a button you can launch an MP3 playlist, surf forward and backward, or adjust your sound volume.

Range and Mobility
The Gyration GO 2.4 GHz Mouse frees you from the confines of your desk and allows you to be mobile up to 30’ away from your computer with no line-of-sight limitations. Gyration’s high-power 2.4GHz radio transmits data at lightening fast speeds. You’ll feel the benefits of a smoother tracking, real-time cursor movement and quick responses.

See the GO 2.4 Series Cordless Optical Air Mouse Quick Start Guide to see how easy it is to get going!

GC1005M GO 2.4 Series Cordless Optical Air Mouse Features

* 2.4 Cordless Optical Air Mouse with 30’ range
o Ergonomic mouse design for comfortable desktop and in-air use
o Gyroscopic motion-sensing technology for accurate and effortless in-air use
o Digital Spread Spectrum 2.4 GHz technology with auto frequency hopping, 80 Frequencies, 800 virtual channels, and auto channel select
o Three distinct programmable mouse buttons *
o Precise optical sensor perfect for desktop use
o Lower power consumption
* 2.4 GHz RF Receiver with USB connector with up to 30’ range with no line-of-site limitations
* Rechargable NiMH battery w/Desktop charging cradle
* Extra long 30 foot radio range. Line of sight not required!
* CD with GyroTools™ Media Control software for Microsoft Windows® to control
o Multimedia
o Email
o Internet
o Windows XP Media Center Edition
o Special effects (zoom, draw, hi-lite)
o Gyro Volume tool - raise volume motion hand up, to lower motion hand down
* Easy to get started with the Quick Start reference guide
* 2 Year limited warranty


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