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Thursday, July 21, 2005

Suitcase - The Portable Museum

Suitcase, The Portable Museum for curators always in a rush. Collect, file and show: the portable solution.

A portable museum for globetrotting curators. Our Suitcase/Portable Museum becomes the interactive portfolio for the recent projects created by students, researchers and professors at the Interaction Design Institute Ivrea, Originally developed as a thesis project by Daniele Mancini, the portable museum is an interactive system based on a radio tag technology and on 5 seconds videoloops, directed by Simone Muscolino. In this version the visitor arrives in an open space and is immerged in a fascinating jungle of undulating coloured strips and wall-projected images. Each strip represents a project and has a tag at the end of it through which the user can activate the interaction. In the middle of this jungle of strips is a white pedestal bearing a tag reading device. As you touch the device with the tag, each videos is projected with sound and music, transforming completely the environment. A spatial three-dimensional demonstration of our activities, mixing space, sound and moving images.

Project by Daniele Mancini (Italy)


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