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Thursday, July 21, 2005

UPDATE: Son of Microsoft employee in a little trouble this week?

From Scoble:

Channel 9 thread: Xbox 360 or MS marketing?

I have a few friends over on the Xbox team. It's real, turns out and was not a "planned PR event" as one of them put it to me. As of last night the kid's dad still had a job.

Hmmm, can I get an Xbox 360 to leave for my son to play? He's holding "Xbox camp" at my house this summer. Bring your kids over.

He'd podcast about his experiences, that's for sure!

How do you punish a kid who breaks an NDA on your behalf? On the other hand, this IS brilliant marketing! Got a bunch of people to talk about the Xbox 360 this week. I wonder, can we give this kid a copy of Longhorn? ;-)


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