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Friday, July 15, 2005

Want your own IRIS camera?

Do you want your very own IRIS camera to secure your network?? Panasonic has this baby out for commericial purposes.

Features & Benefits
Faster 1.0 Second Recognition Speed
When both eyes are reflected in the mirror, the system automatically captures the iris images and completes recognition in 1second or less. The quick identification process prevents waiting in line.

High security, with false acceptance ratio as 1 in 1.2 million Iris recognition uses individual differences in the complex patterns found in the iris of the human eye to authenticate individual identities. Iris recognition is the most precise of all biometric identification systems. The false acceptance ratio is so low that the probability of falsely identifying one individual as another is virtually zero.

Voice guidance via the speaker on the side provides operational guidance and recognition results. Fourteen (14) languages can be selected for each iris recognition camera.
Supported languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Turkish, Arabic, Chinese, Korean, Russian, Portuguese, Dutch, Swedish, and Japanese.

Built in support for PROX Cards and Smart Cards.
The iris data on an ID card is compared with the captured image to allow access.
Smart cards provide application flexibility and do not require a central database.

Integrates with Wiegand-compatible Systems. Compatible with the standard Wiegand interface protocol access control systems. Flexible system configuration is possible. Legacy PROX cards are supported.

Tamper Detection
Audible alarm is triggered via the integrated tamper switches. Alarm signals are also transmitted to the access control system and Administration Server. The tamper protection feature prevents data from being extracted from the system.

The camera unit swivels up and down. The angle of the two embedded cameras can be adjusted to Accommodate users from 150 cm to 183 cm. Taller users can simply bend over to use the system. For ADA requirement the unit can be mounted 86 cm from the floor to accommodate users in a wheelchair, etc.


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