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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

2008 Olympics in HD over Broadband?

Via HDBlog:

telecom ponders whether or not HDTV broadcasts of the 2008 Olympics in Bejing will be available. China NetCom president Zhang Chunjiang says the the 2008 Olympics will be all about broadband, saying “Broadband Internet subscribers from various countries will be able to watch and experience the Games conveniently with richer means. This is of great significance to the IOC, the Olympic Games as well as the audience.”

The 2004 Olympics had some impressive HD coverage, so of course the question of HD will be foremost in many people’s minds when it comes to Olympics coverage. But “That puts pressure on China’s broadband infrastructure if it intends to offer broadband TV, says NetCom’s Zhang, as a single HD stream can eat up at least 12 Mbps of bandwidth.”

Irregardless of whether or not we’ll be able to get HD coverage online, lets hope that we’ll at least be able to get HD coverage through our local cable/satellite provider.

Link: - Streaming HD broadband Olympics



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