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Friday, August 26, 2005

Deal for Film Version of Microsoft Game

Via NYT:

Microsoft has signed a deal with two film studios to make a movie based on its popular space-based video game series Halo, Universal Pictures said on Wednesday.

Universal and 20th Century Fox agreed to pay Microsoft $5 million plus a percentage of ticket sales. The total price being paid is capped at 10 percent of domestic box-office receipts.

The deal ends months of speculation over which studio would win the right to make a Halo film, which came to Hollywood last spring highly promoted by Microsoft and its representatives at Creative Artists Agency.

Messengers delivered a script to the studios wearing costumes and toting laser guns.

Under terms of the agreement, Universal will oversee production and domestic distribution, while Fox will handle overseas distribution.

Paul Pflug, a Universal spokesman, said the studios were aiming for a summer 2007 release of a movie based on Halo and Halo 2, a science fiction series about an alien-fighting warrior named Master Chief.


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