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Thursday, August 18, 2005

HD-DVD: What’s in a Name?

Via HDBlog:

You know DVD. I know DVD. Most people you know probably know DVD. DVD is a CD, but for movies.

I know HD. You know HD. Most people you know probably don’t know much about it. Yet. But as it becomes more popular, people will start to ask themselves if there’s an HD version of DVD available. They walk into Best Buy and see HD-DVD. There you go, that’s it! I want an HD-DVD player. BD you say? What’s that? A foot disease? No thanks. I’ll take that HD-DVD, thank-you.

There’s power in a name, and that power is working for Toshiba as it brings HD-DVD to market late this year. It’s really as simple as that. No use saying it fourteen different ways.

So the real question is: can Sony push the BD so hard that people are actually aware of it when it comes time to purchase an HD disc player? When they see an HD-DVD player at Best Buy, will the ask the salesman about that other format? You know, the foot disease one?

One thing that can only help is Sony’s inclusion of BD drives in the PS3. Millions of people will buy th PS3, giving BD instant recognition by those folks. Gosh, wouldn’t it be a good idea for Sony to enlist Microsoft into putting the BD into the Xbox 360 as well? Sony needs moves like this to raise BD’s profile, or it’ll never make it against HD-DVD.

Mindshare. It’s called mindshare.

Link: MacWorld - HD-DVD claims the brand advantage

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