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Friday, August 12, 2005

iMuse Debuts Next Generation Media Server

iMuse Electronics, Inc. will debut its next generation series of media server products at the annual convention of Custom Electronics Dealers and Installers (CEDIA) on September 8 in Indianapolis.

Bill Duncan, iMuse CEO, said the introduction of three true media servers will once and for all end the debate as to what sets the standard for a full-featured device. Entering the marketplace this fall is the entry-level iMuse SIERRA, the multi-zone capable iMuse SUMMIT, and the mass storage behemoth iMuse AVALANCHE capable of holding up to 1,750 full-quality, full-length DVDs.

Redefining the Media Server Category

"The term 'media server' has become so confused that if you do a search you'll come up with over 64 million hits," said Duncan. "The fact is, there are less than a half-dozen fully capable audio/video products out there that are designed for home network integration."

Duncan's Colorado Springs, CO based company has been working on developing the iMuse media server series for the past two years. In 2004, the company showed a first generation audio server at CEDIA and the Consumer Electronics Show.

"The feedback we received at the two expos in 2004 gave us a mandate to come up with a server that was a completely converged digital content manager capable of delivering simultaneous audio and video feeds throughout a network," said Duncan.

The result was going back to the drawing board to once and for all define the state-of-the-art in media server devices designed expressly for sale and installation by custom reseller-installers in the U.S.

Key Features Define the Difference

According to iMuse Product Manager, R.Scott Fuhrman, there are several product and service differentiators that the iMuse media servers will offer over competitive products. Not the least is price, with the entry-level iMuse SIERRA expected to retail for just under $2,900.

"The iMuse media server series right from the start offers capabilities that none of the competing products are currently providing," assures Fuhrman. "Just to be credible in the category, each device must give maximum connectivity for audio, video and networking, and some of the competitors that show up along side the iMuse line just don't meet our standard," said Fuhrman.

A Hardware and Software Powerhouse is Standard
The Entry-Level iMuse SIERRA

Fuhrman points out that even the entry-level iMuse SIERRA is a complete multi-media device. "Every iMuse unit comes with a DVD drive, standard," notes Fuhrman, "only the more expensive competitive units offer that capability."

The DVD feature enables the simultaneous uploading of the owner's DVD collection at the server and playback of separate DVDs at the set-top client (iMuse SIERRA). Read more...


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