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Monday, August 22, 2005

Inteset Launches its Home Theater Media Server

Via Hometoys:

Massive Media Storage

The Denzel system boasts 1 Terabyte of online storage upgradeable to 2 Terabytes. One of the most exciting features of digital media is the ability to store and organize it in one place. Some types of media, like music, movie, and HDTV content require large amounts of storage space. For example, a single, full quality song can take as much as 12MB of space. Most music CDs contain 10 to 15 tracks, so 1 CD can occupy as much as 180MB of storage space. 100 CDs can occupy 18GB of space and so on. A single movie can take up to 8GB of disk space. Two hours of HDTV content takes up to 18GB of disk space. So you can see why the Denzel is packed with massive
amounts of storage capacity. In addition, the Denzel is equipped with a Dual Layer DVD drive which means you can burn up to 8.7GB of content on a single removable DVD disk. More info here.


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