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Monday, August 22, 2005

The Jelly-Fish 45

Via OhGizmo:

By David Ponce
See, I’m not the kind of guy that has $2,5 million lying around, doing nothing. Of course, if I was, I’d probably look into the purchase of the Jelly-Fish 45, a groovadelic floating pad with an underwater viewing area. This creation from company Underwater Vehicles. is made from high density fiberglass with with solid teak flooring. Three levels stick out above water, while the lower level is semi submerged and has a guest room, bathroom and technical spaces. You can fit up to 7 of your guests in perfect comfort, while providing for a decidedly unusual experience. While most of the electricity c
omes from generator power, solar panels have been added for karma points. Check out the website right here. Story VIA Luxist.


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