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Monday, September 12, 2005

1080p DLP Chips for Front Projectors

Via HDBlog:

Texas Instruments has already released 1080p DLP products for use in rear-projection HDTVs. The product was not available for front projectors, however, which is something I thought odd. But they’re allowed to do that if they want, it’s a free world, right?

Well, that free world wants 1080p front projectors, so Texas Instruments decided to do them a favour and announce just that. TI’s 1080p chips do not contain a full 1920 x 1080 array of mirrors. Rather, it has half that number, and uses a technique HP termed “wobulation” to shift those mirrors to produce one half the image, and then the other half.

Manufacturers who will be announcing front projection products based on DLP 1080p technology in the near future include: Barco, Christie Digital, Digital Projection International, InFocus, Marantz, Mitsubishi, Panasonic, projectiondesign, Optoma, Runco Samsung, Sharp, SIM2 and Yamaha.

This news comes shortly after the TI announcement of increased color performance available for DLP front projection single-chip products with BrilliantColor(TM) technology. With up to 6-color processing, which moves significantly beyond other technologies’ limitations of 1-color-per-chip processing, BrilliantColor(TM) technology will enable a greater than 50% brightness increase in mid tone images, common in video and natural scenes, translating into truer, more vibrant colors.

PR Newswire - Highly Anticipated DLP(R) 1080p Chips for Projectors Arrive

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