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Monday, September 12, 2005

Media Center Roundup by Sean Alexander

"Sales of Media Center PCs have skyrocketed since July 9, according to a recent study by Current Analysis. For the week ending August 20, 2005, Media Center PCs accounted for 43% of all desktop personal computers sold in the U.S. retail market, based on data from a sampling of U.S. retailers."

71% of the Media Centers sold in the week ending August 20 did not have a TV tuner. Maybe they're all with Thomas Hawk waiting for Digital Cable support ;)

Charlie Owen will demonstrating XBox360 + Media Center Extender at his PDC presentation on September 15. The Meet Me At Professional Developers Conference (PDC) 2005 and Win A Media Center Keyboard has more details on place and time.

Donate to Katrina via American Red Cross and win Media Center 2005

Media Center Show #25 is up. To me, Ian is the "Most Valuable Podcaster". This is a guy who deserves MVP status- they're working on it Ian! :)

Embedded Automation made a bunch of Media Center app-announcments at CEDIA (that's the big pro AV/home installer show):

The products being showcased are part of tihe mHome product line and include a home automation software application, mControl; a media center PC solution, mTheater; a home automation controller, mServer; and a secondary display for media center PC's, mDisplay. For mControl, Embedded Automation will be demonstrating their upcoming release, v1.2, which offers new functionality. More here.


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