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Monday, September 05, 2005


Via Hometoys:

Niveus Media Center – K2 Limited Edition with HDTV & Professional Audio is Now Available through Authorized Niveus Dealers

Professional Audio comes to the Niveus Media Center via the K2 Limited Edition, resulting in the ultimate audio & video fidelity.

Santa Clara, CA, September 1, 2005 – Niveus Media, Inc., manufacturer of media entertainment devices for the high-end audio/video market, has announced the availability of the award-winning K2 Limited Edition media center. The K2 was recognized as an Innovations Honoree at the 2005 Consumer Electronic Show and is now available through Authorized Niveus Dealers.

The K2 offers a reference/mastering quality audio subsystem including 6 channel balanced, single-ended analog audio outputs and 2-channel balanced, single-ended analog inputs and boasts a signal to noise ratio of 117db, resulting in a high-fidelity audio experience previous unavailable from a Windows Media Center system.

The K2 will be unveiled to custom installers and dealers from across the world at next week’s CEDIA Expo in Indianapolis. “The K2 Limited Edition was designed as the 'cost is no object' product at the top of the Niveus Portfolio.”, said Tim Cutting, CEO of Niveus Media. “Niveus Engineers were given carte blanche to design a media center that would earn the respect of the most elite and discerning customers... I believe they have accomplished that with the K2.”

In addition to the high fidelity audio performance, the K2 offers the same ISF caliber video subsystem as the recently ISF-certified Denali Edition, offering K2 customers the best in both audio and video performance. Also included is the Intel 3.6Ghz processor, 925 chipset and a full Terabyte of storage.

The K2 Limited Edition also takes advantage of the Niveus ConvergencePanel™, allowing for easy connections to additional components and future upgrades. And, like all Niveus Media Centers, the K2 is passively-cooled, making these fanless systems the quietest Windows XP Media Center Edition systems on the market.

The K2 will be demonstrated at the CEDIA EXPO 2005 (Niveus Media Booth #2092, Sagamore Ballroom) from September 9-11 in Indianapolis.

Niveus Media Center Availability
The Niveus Media Center – K2 Limited Edition is now available through select dealers nationwide. For further details, visit the company website at