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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Quartz Gyrosensor Putter displays feedback on LCD

Via Engadget:

quartz gyrosensor putter

Here is one of those gadgets that, even though it may not do anything to improve your skills, will draw so much attention from your golfing buddies that it might be worth the purchase. Seiko Epson and Toyo Communication Equipment have teamed up to create the Quartz Gyrosensor Putter, which tracks your swing with a built-in crystal device, and displays the results in real-time via the embedded LCD monitor. Frankly, since our game is pretty much beyond saving, we kinda wish we could mod the screen to loop Caddyshack instead of the useless motion-feedback, so we’d have something to distract ourselves while the rest of our foursome taunt yet another terrible green read on our part.

[Via I4U, technology filter, and RealTechNews]


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